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  Executive Leadership 

   Visionary leader, serving as a catalyst for the transformation of business environments

Dynamic, perceptive IT executive who articulates and leads of a 

clear, compelling vision to transform government, non-profit, 

healthcare, and professional services enterprises through 

technology. Agilely assesses organization needs; overcomes 

complex challenges to streamline workflows, enhance security 

and stability, and ensure disaster recovery and business 

continuity. With one eye on the future, leverages emerging and 

traditional solutions to address changing demands. Works 

collaboratively, applying strong communication skills to clarify 

complex technical solutions to non-technical stakeholders.

    Builds trust between IT and business users. Builds and enriches teams who excel 

    at delivering practical, impactful solutions.

LinkedIn Professional Profile

Why Now?

The need for authentic leadership and an alignment between your business, 

business processes, operations and information technology strategy and 

programs is even more crucial in the current economic climate. Surrounding 

yourself with the right team of authentic, innovative, integrity-bound leaders that 

can inspire your team and mature your operations ensures your success.